MUST READ: The 5 Coldest Bars On Meek Mill’s “OOOUUU” The Game Diss Track

Meek mill-dc44
It took Meek Mill about a week to respond to Drake’s dual diss tracks last summer. In the case of his rapidly escalating beef with The Game, Meek struck while the iron was hot, delivering a Game diss in the form of a remix of Young M.A’s “OOOUUU.”
The overarching theme of Meek’s withering invective is that The Game was once a stripper, not much to go off of it seems. Also, the song features an impressive performance from his right-hand man Omelly.
Here are five of the most fiery moments from Meek Mill’s “OOOUUU” remix:
“G-A-M-E please don’t tempt me
Four pound with the lemon squeeze like Simply”
4. (Omelly)
“Murder, murder, murder that be the case
Man this nigga outta pocket and, man, he softer than Drake”
“Durk checked you, Thug sonned you
Fif dropped you, Mac warned you
Strippers-turned-rappers, look what we come to
You a f****t my lady’ll never fuck you”
“Catch you at the drive-through, hit ’em and wax ’em
Desert Eagle Sigel hit your body slide you backwards
Make a nigga moonwalk talking Michael Jackson
I don’t let my goons talk, they be only clapping”
“I’m with them 40 niggas, I’m never with 40 niggas
Promo your album they got you making up stories, nigga
Stripper to rapper, rapper to stripper you corny, nigga”

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