Olamide Vs Seriki – Who Do You Think Is More “Lyrically Creative As A Rapper”?

I don’t really like to write on which artiste is better but what I saw today prompted me to write this piece.
We are currently working on a Compilation mixtape for Seriki and Olamide titled “The Dopest Rap Game “, Listening to songs from both Artiste is making me high but that of Seriki is taking me out of this world. The dude is Blessed lyrically.
I want to ask a question before I’ll continue this article.
If someone ask you, Olamide and Seriki, Who is the best rapper? No doubt, Olamide will win this Argument any day any time any where. Even a blind man at Kano street, Oyingbo, knows Olamide no be Seriki mate! … but we are not here to battle for who Rap the most. We are here to discuss on “ Who is Lyrically Creative as a Rapper “. Best Use of Words, A Good rapper will make you shout Wow always!!!
♦ Forget the Hype
♦ Forget the Money
♦ Forget the Number of Albums
♦ Forget the Number of Tracks
♦ Forget the Endorsements
♦ Forget the Awards
Who Do You think is Most Lyrically Creative as a Rapper?
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