ITUK MUSIK: So whats your real name?

ITUK MUSIK: Nice, so how did the name Danny saint come about?
DANNYSAINTD rich saint was the name of my dancing crew way back in kogi and i happened to be there leader, each dancer had SAINT attached to his/her name and that was how I got mine which is DANNYSAINT

ITUK MUSIK: Cool, that's reasonable.... So why did you leave dancing for music?
DANNYSAINTCause i think i can do better in music.. but i still dance though and Still have passion for it

ITUK MUSIK: Okay, so what genre of music will you say you do?
DANNYSAINT: I call it afro pop and a little bit of patua

ITUK MUSIK: Wow, We hear fans call you KADUNA DAVIDO, did you give yourself the name or because u sound like DAVIDO?
DANNYSAINT: Like seriously i don't know why, but some say i look like him..but we don't sound alike

ITUK MUSIK: But Have you ever thought dat you guys might relate in a way?
DANNYSAINTNah it could be just coincidence 

ITUK MUSIK: Lol, okay... So do you have any new track out or something you working on?
DANNYSAINT: Yap I have tracks that will soon be on your blog and others hopefully

ITUK MUSIK: So could we get a lickage of what to expect?
DANNYSAINT: Sure, am actually planning on dropping two tracks titled young n gettin it & burst my brain

ITUK MUSIK: Do you have anybody you will like to work with?
DANNYSAINT: Sure, but now I will have to be calling out a long list for you

ITUK MUSIK: So what message Does your music send to the fans out there?
DANNYSAINT: How God can change any man's story suddenly

ITUK MUSIK: That's reasonable, So are you married or dating?
DANNYSAINT: I am actually single

ITUK MUSIK: Damn, you not serious about that, right?
DANNYSAINT: No much emphasis on that please

ITUK MUSIK: Okay, do you have any management presently?
DANNYSAINT: Before now i did, but ryt now NO

ITUK MUSIK: Ok, so Are you planning on shootin any video?
DANNYSAINT: Sure but right now it's just a blurred thought

ITUK MUSIK: Okay, so do u have any message for your lovely fans out there?
DANNYSAINT: They should just stay away from negativity and stay positive cause with that you can be any thing you want to be

ITUK MUSIK: It was nice having you on Our "Artiste Profiling"
DANNYSAINT: Thank you, the pleasure is mine

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