Jussie Smollett – Hurt People

“Hurt People” is one of the remarkable songs recorded by Jussie Smollett, Empire TV series actor known as Jamal Lyon.

The song “Hurt People” is revisited today as a result of his reported homophobic attack in Chicago.
On “Hurt people”, Jussie talks about how angry and mean a broken-hearted person can become, scheming and trying to make others unhappy.
That’s the point of the album that he starts showing his pop side, singing over a beat made with happy kicks, claps and flutes.


Quotable Lyrics:
Hurt people hurt people
They don’t know why
Ah ah ah ah
Hurt people hurt people
They don’t even try
Ah ah No oh ah ah
We all go through things in our lives
That don’t make the shit all right
You don’t hear me
Listen clearly
Hurt people hurt people
And then say good bye
And then say good bye

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