Vector Accepts Challenge To Face MI Abaga In A 40 Million Rap Battle Live On Stage

Vector has decided to accept the challenge to go head-to-head with MI Abaga in a rap battle.

A popular socialite called WillieXO took to his Instagram page last week to announce that he is willing to drop the sum of twenty million naira for Vector and MI to slug it out in a rap battle. However, after there wasn’t any response from both rappers, WillieXO decided to increase the offer by ten million naira making the available money the sum of thirty million naira. Even after the increment in the prize tag, none of the rappers gave a consent.
The hope in getting the two rappers battle however took a progressive turn when another socialite; Hushpuppi, decided to add the sum of ten million naira to the thirty million on ground, taking the the total sum to forty million. On seeing that the whopping amount is available, Vector took to his Instagram page to reveal he has accepted the offer. He reveals also that WillieXO called him to show how serious he is and to convince him to accept the challenge.

On seeing Vector’s acceptance of the challenge, Hip-Hop fans started to exercise their excitement, urging MI to take the offer too so they all could be entertained and have Nigerian Hip-Hop revived. If MI will listen to people’s pleas is yet to be known but we would bring you updates as things unfold.

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